Roku Remote Pairing Light Not Flashing: How to Fix

There is no denying the fact that a malfunctioning Roku device or remote can get on one’s nerves. You may be tempted to pull your hair, kick the table, hit the wall, or smash your Roku remote device against the wall if it is not working as expected.

While you’ll obviously be overreacting if you did that, you can fix the problem quite easily if your Roku remote pairing light is not flashing or having other issues.

Your Roku remote flashes white or green lights to indicate a problem, and it may also not flash any lights to indicate problems. Any of these issues can be fixed without hiring a technician to help, but you have to understand some key concepts on how your Roku device and remote controller work as well as how to fix problems when they arise.

roku remote pairing lights not flashing

Roku Remote Pairing Light Not Flashing: How to Fix (DIY)

In this guide, we will proffer solutions you can try when your Roku remote is not flashing any lights when paired to the TV.

Fixing the blinking green light on your Roku remote

When your Roku remote controller is finding it difficult to pair with the TV, it flashes a green light. This problem is usually related to the batteries in the remote. To fix it, unplug the TV from a power source while it is still powered on; and leave it for up to 60 seconds. Remove the batteries also from the remote for up to 30 seconds – and be sure it is oriented correctly when reinserted.

After plugging back the TV and powering it on, re-insert the batteries of the remote again – and then press down the pair button to link the remote and the TV together again. Once paired correctly, the green light on the remote should stop blinking. Sometimes it might be necessary to replace the old remote batteries with new ones to fix the problem; you may also recharge the batteries if you are using rechargeable batteries and not alkaline batteries.

Reset your Roku device

If everything else fails, resetting your Roku device may solve the pairing and light flashing problem. If done correctly, the pairing light will flash and every connection between your remote and TV device will be secured. But if the pairing light on the remote is not flashing, it may indicate that the batteries are dead; so replace them with new ones before proceeding with the reset action.

Unplug your Roku device from the TV for up to 5 minutes before plugging it in again. Then remove and replace the batteries of the Roku remote to get it to restart. If the pairing light does not work this way – then go ahead to open the cover of the battery on your Roku remote. Hold down the pairing button to reset the Roku remote and establish a connection with the device in the TV. Once a link is secured, the light on the remote should come up as required.

HDMI and Wi-Fi connection issues

Connection problems may prevent the flashing lights when the Roku remote pairs with the Roku device on the TV. When the HDMI cable is faulty or the device could not locate a Wi-Fi network, it can prevent the remote pairing light from lighting up or changing colors. Sometimes, the problem may be with the overheating of the Roku device or insufficient power voltage to the device may stop it from flashing.

Once the power outage is regulated to be sufficient, the Roku device will flash its light. The proper connection between the HDMI cable and Wi-Fi will also make the device flash up. Replacing the batteries in the remote and resetting the device will also get things lit and functional again. And when the reset button within the battery compartment is held down for close to 5 seconds, it will connect the remote with the device in the most secure manner.

White or green lights keep flashing on remote

It is possible to still have the lights flashing on your remote even after pairing it successfully with the TV device. The flashing lights can be white or green. If the flashing light is green, it indicates that the Roku remote is trying to set up a connection with the Roku device; and if it’s a white flashing light, it means the device and remote should be restarted.

To pair the Roku device and remote in the case of green light, use the Roku app downloaded to your smartphone or utilize another remote to connect the devices. If the light is white, remove your Roku device from power and remove the batteries of the Roku remote for up to 10 minutes. Powering them back should resolve the problem.

Disconnect Roku from all associated appliances

If your Roku remote pairing light is not coming up, it might be necessary to disconnect it from all appliances to which the Roku device is connected. This could be the TV, home theater, USB, and everything else for up to 10 minutes. After resetting the Roku device and changing the remote’s batteries, everything should work fine after they are all reconnected again.


Trying out the solutions highlighted in this guide will fix issues that prevent your Roku remote pairing light from flashing appropriately. It will also secure stronger connections with your Roku device, remote control, TV, and other accessories. But in a situation where you are not able to fix the problem yourself, you can contact a professional technician to help. It is best to hire qualified technicians that are familiar with Roku devices and connections.

It is worthy of note that there are two types of Roku remotes – the simple remote and the voice remote – and that it is best to use alkaline or rechargeable batteries for them. Most Roku pairing problems start with the batteries, and that is why it is important to troubleshoot any pairing light issues with the batteries first. But if every procedure fails, your technician or the Roku online support team will be in a position to help you out.