How to Connect Sony TV to WiFi without Remote

You have lost or damaged your Sony TV remote controller and you’re locked out of internet services on your smart TV. Is that correct? Until you obtain a replacement remote device, you want to know how to connect Sony TV to Wifi without remote so you could watch all your streaming content – is this also correct?

Well, you’re in good hands; this guide teaches how to connect your Sony smart TV to a Wifi network in the absence of a remote controller.

connect sony tv to wifi without remote

There is no denying the fact that losing or getting your TV remote damaged is painful. This is largely because most of the features in your smart TV are operable using the remote controller.

And talking of a smart TV, most of its functions utilize the internet to give a top-notch entertainment session. Talk of downloading TV apps, browsing the internet, streaming favorite shows, playing online games, and doing a host of other fascinating things.

How to connect Sony TV to Wifi without remote

There are several techniques to connect your smart Sony TV to an internet network with no remote. Let’s examine some of them:

1. Plug in a TV firestick

When you plug in a streaming device such as a TV firestick into the Sony TV HDMI port, your TV gets automatically connected to the internet without further action. You will be able to watch Hulu and Netflix among other streaming content easily on your set. The TV firestick does not require any special configuration with your TV, just plug it into the required port and you’re online in no time.

But what about the problem of content navigation without a remote control? Let’s go to the next approach.

2. Install the TV SideView app

The TV SideView is a remote and TV guide mobile smartphone app that enables you to connect to the internet and operate the TV using your phone. The TV SideView can be downloaded on your Android or iPhone smartphones. After registering by creating an account on the app, follow the prompts to connect it to your TV after linking it to your local area network (LAN).

Using the applicable icons on the app, the smartphone containing the app must be connected to the Wifi network that your Sony TV is connected to. Launch the app and search for your TV model, then go ahead to link the app to your TV. This process will not only enable you to access the internet on your TV, it will also enable you to operate your TV to the fullest using your smartphone as the remote controller.

It is also possible to connect the TV SideView app to your Sony TV using the Wi-Fi Direct feature of your TV set. To do this, switch on the Wi-Fi Direct function on the TV by tapping on Settings – Network – Wi-Fi Direct – On. After these, go to the settings page of the Wi-Fi Direct on the TV and press on Settings – Network – Wi-Fi Direct Settings.

From your smartphone TV SideView app, tap on Home and then go to Settings – Network – Home Network Setup – Remote Start – On.

3. Connect an ethernet cable to your TV

Depending on the model of your Sony smart TV, the set should have an ethernet port at the back. Plug in one end of the ethernet cable from the router or local area network (LAN) into the ethernet port at the back of your Sony TV with one end connected to the router itself.

As soon as your TV detects Wifi network from the router through the ethernet cable, it will connect to the internet immediately. There is no requirement to enter the router’s name (SSID) or password with the ethernet connection.

4. Insert a USB keyboard or mouse into the TV

A keyboard or mouse is capable of connecting your Sony TV to the internet. You must use a USB keyboard/mouse or a wireless keyboard/mouse for this purpose, and your TV must have a USB port for this to work. Insert the USB keyboard or mouse into the USB port at the back of the TV; the TV will detect the device and install its drivers to be able to work with it.

You must ensure that the USB keyboard/mouse is compatible with a Sony smart TV since many other keyboards may not be compatible. If you’re using a wireless device, don’t forget to plug in the dongle into the USB port.

If the keyboard is plugged into the TV, you will be able to navigate the functions on the TV using the four arrow keys on the device; and if you inserted the mouse, you will see its cursor on the TV screen. Using either the arrow keys on your keyboard or the cursor of your mouse, navigate to the Settings – Network – Network Setup. Click on Wireless Setup and your router’s SSID and password details; your Sony TV will get connected to the internet immediately.


Having revealed how to connect Sony TV to Wifi without a remote, you may want to consider getting a replacement remote controller in the near future. This is largely because certain factors could cause a disconnection between your TV and your LAN, forcing you to go through the hassles of reconnecting them again. You can opt for a universal remote which can be programmed with a special code that’s unique to your TV model.

In this tutorial, we have been able to reveal do-it-yourself techniques for connecting your Sony TV to the internet in the absence of a remote device. Some of the techniques we provided include using a USB keyboard or mouse to connect your TV to Wifi, downloading and installing the TV SideView app on your smartphone to connect and operate your TV, using an ethernet cable to link your TV to your router, and plugging in a TV firestick among other approaches.

If any of the methods did not work for you, repeat the procedure again to ensure you did everything right. You should also troubleshoot the TV-Wifi connection problem by checking the SSID, passwords, DNS settings, ISP network, and other things. All things being equal, the TV-internet methods highlighted in this guide should work fine for you.