How to Connect Hisense TV to WiFi without Remote

It is painful to not have a remote controller when most of the functions on your TV are domiciled on the device. And if your TV connects to Wifi to stream your favorite shows, then it becomes more stressful if your remote control gets lost or damaged, leaving you with nothing to control your TV. But it’s not the end of the world, and you can actually control your smart TV without a remote control.

how to connect hisense tv to wifi without remote

In this guide, we will examine how to connect Hisense TV to Wifi without a remote. It won’t be easy doing that with no remote, but it can be done.

However, let’s first consider the factors that can occasion not having a remote control device: it may have been lost, stolen, damaged, or simply not responding to your TV. In this situation, you would require other techniques to connect your Hisense TV to a Wifi network without a remote device.

How to connect Hisense TV to Wife without remote

1. Use a USB keyboard and mouse

There is a USB port at the back of you Hisense TV to which you can plug in a USB keyboard. Once the keyboard is plugged into the port, you can use the in-built buttons on the side of the TV to navigate it. Some of the buttons you can find on the side of your TV include the power, channel, volume, menu, and OK buttons.

To connect the keyboard and mouse to your Hisense TV, you must insert the devices into the appropriate port behind the TV set. As soon as this is done, the TV will detect the devices and install their drivers, enabling you to move the cursor of the mouse on the TV screen. Move the cursor – with the mouse, of course – to Settings and select Network and Network Configuration from the options given.

Choose the Wifi service you own from the list of available networks and use the keyboard to enter the password of the Wifi. Choose Connect and your Hisense TV should have connected to the internet. Check the online status of any of the apps on the TV to be certain the TV is now connected to the internet via your Wifi network. Once you are connected to Wifi and begin streaming, you must disconnect the keyboard and mouse since they won’t be required any more.

2. Use infrared from your smartphone

Your Hisense TV has an infrared sensor that can detect infrared signals from other devices. And given that most Android smartphones have inbuilt infrared, the smartphones and most smart TVs can connect. To be certain of infrared connections, you may even download and install the MiRemote app on your smartphone since it is capable of connecting with several home appliances, include air-conditioners.

Having connected your Hisense TV to your smartphone using infrared, you can use the phone as remote controller to operate the TV.

3. Operate your TV with joysticks

Many Hisense TVs come with joysticks that are located at the bottom of the set. With the joysticks, you can move the cursors on the TV screen without using the conventional remote controller.

This is how to use it: press the joystick and see what comes up on your TV display. With the joystick, move the cursor to Settings and press Network and then Configuration, select your Wifi network from the list and enter its password to link it.

If possible with your TV, enter the password through the on-screen keyboard; and then go on to confirm with the joystick if the TV is connected to the internet via your Wifi by toying around with the apps.

4. Use ethernet cable wired connection

An ethernet cable is a coaxial cable used to carry internet signals within a local area network (LAN) that uses a router. If you use a Wifi network in your house, you can connect the LAN to the Hisense TV using ethernet cables. The only condition, however, is that your TV must have a LAN port where the cable can fit it for connection. If the TV does not have a LAN port, there is no way this technique will work.

Insert one end of the LAN cable to the ethernet port on the side of your TV and the other end to your internet router. Your TV will become connected instantly and would not require inputting any passwords or navigating settings since the ethernet cable is directly from the router. Using a remote app installed on your smartphone, you can begin to operate your TV with ease in the absence of a remote controller.

It may be required that your smartphone be linked to the router’s network via Wifi to make controlling your TV easier and faster.


In trying to reveal how to connect Hisense TV to Wifi without remote in this guide, we explained that you can use USB keyboard and mouse to connect your TV to a Wifi network. We also said you can use the joysticks that came with your Hisense TV to connect it to an internet network without remote. And we revealed that you use ethernet cable wired connection to connect a router or LAN to your TV, provided the TV has a LAN port for ethernet cable connection.

With these techniques, you don’t need a remote controller to operate your TV via Wifi since there are alternative ways to achieve your purpose. You can also reset your Hisense TV without a remote and perform a lot of tasks that do not require a remote device. You can do all these yourself or contact a local technician to help. If you get stuck during the process, you can check for solutions online or even consult your TV’s manual for inspiration.

In case your Hisense TV is not detecting internet networks, check the settings to be certain that it is set to “wireless connection”. You may want to get another remote in the near future for your TV needs; but in the meantime, you can enjoy all there is without it.