Only a few things are more exciting than the world of technology — and TechSifts helps readers from all over the world find their way around various tech products including electronics, gadgets, appliances, and machines.

Launched in June 2022, TechSifts is run by a team of tech enthusiasts and researchers led by Alfred Meader. Every member of our team lives and breathes the latest technology. And without talking you down or baffling you with jargon, we help you find your way around your favorite tech product.

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Whether you’re looking to better understand how your tech devices work or you’re trying to fix a fault on your own, TechSifts can help you achieve all of that. We offer clear, valuable, and unbiased tips, tricks, and advice as well as tricks culled from our rigorous in-depth testing.

Our mission is to become one of the web’s most authoritative sources of information on how to better understand electronics, devices gadgets, and machines — how they work, how to configure them for best performances, and how to troubleshoot their faults.

We’ll let you know what makes up your favorite tech device and why it works in the way it does. We’ll also let you know why that device has picked up a certain fault and how you can fix that fault.

Why do we give out all this information? Because it matters a lot to us. We wake up in the morning knowing that many people out there spend their hard-earned money on various pieces of tech but are not able to enjoy those pieces to the fullest just because there are some aspects they are yet to figure out. And that people are stuck with their tech devices just because the devices have picked up minor faults that can be fixed within minutes. We want TechSifts to help such people.

We understand that technology is moving faster and faster. So, we try to keep abreast of the latest tech inventions and create relevant content about newly released pieces of tech. In addition, we regularly double-check our older content for correctness and accuracy in a bid to ensure that every piece you read on the site is as fresh as possible.

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