How to Remove Banner from Samsung TV without Remote

How to remove the banner from Samsung TV without a remote is what you are about to learn in this guide. Eliminating an annoying banner from playing out on your brand-new Samsung TV is not as hard as you might think. It can be done quite easily without any professional intervention. But let’s explain what it is first before proceeding to how to eliminate it.

how to remove banner from samsung tv without remote

A banner on your Samsung TV is known by many names – Store Demo; Retail Demo; and Demonstration Mode. It is a pop-up feature of modern LED and LCD Samsung TVs that is used to advertise the features and capabilities of the TV to customers in electronic retail stores. It serves advertisement that demonstrates the features and benefits of owning a TV in order to attract customers in retail stores.

And interestingly enough, most customers are drawn to the TVs in stores because of the high-definition imagery and videos playing out on their screens. That is why it is alternatively called Demo or Store mode since it displays attractive features of the TV in a banner form. The demo mode is pre-set from the factory and will remain a permanent feature on the TV until it is disabled for home viewing.

Sometimes, the mode resets the TV back to default factory setting every 20 minutes and when the TV is switched off. The offensive banner mode can be removed in most Samsung TVs, but it can only be minimized to a tiny size in some models. So reach through your product’s manual to know your model and how certain customizations will play out when effected.

How to remove banner from Samsung TV without remote

Although it is easier to disable this feature by using the TV’s remote controller, let’s consider how you can alternatively disable it without the remote.

1. Use the TV’s in-built buttons

Your Samsung TV comes with control buttons built into its front or side panel. To get started, press the Volume + button – when you see the volume bars appear on the screen of the TV, press the Menu button and until it down until you see “Dynamic” or “Dynamic Mode” appear on the TV display. If the TV does not enter dynamic mode after 10 seconds of holding down the menu button – try the technique in the next section.

2. Access the setup menu

Switch the TV to the coaxial TV source and then hit the Menu button to enter Setup through the use of the channel buttons. You can navigate up and down menu tabs with the channel buttons – just the way you do with the arrow buttons on a remote controller. When you highlight the Setup tab, press the Menu or OK button on the TV to reach the Plug & Play and then press OK again.

You can follow the prompts to press Home when the TV wants you to enter Picture Mode. In the Home mode, you can enjoy your TV to the fullest without being distracted or sidelined by some pre-set advertising banner.

NB: Depending on the model of your Samsung TV, the procedure for removing the banner or Store mode may differ, and the names of certain words in your TV’s settings page may be different. In some models, the Dynamic Mode will appear, and in some others the Standard Mode is what you will see. But whatever you do to remove the banner will still achieve the same ultimate purpose regardless of the procedure adopted.

3. Reset the TV

If the above two methods do not work for you, the next option might be to perform a total reset of your appliance. Resetting the TV to the default setting will banish the store or demo mode and restore the TV to perfect home mode. This is how to go about this:

Using the buttons on the side of the TV, press Menu and use the Channel buttons to navigate to Settings. Select General and choose Reset. You may enter the number 0000 is you are prompted for a PIN. Press OK after entering the required default PIN and the reset process will initiate – restoring your TV to a mode where it can be used to watch videos, music, internet TV and perform other tasks using the TV’s apps.

Another way to do this – depending on your Samsung TV model – is to choose the Self Diagnosis option. Go to Settings, then Support, and then Self Diagnosis – and the select Reset to initiate the factory reset process. When the TV completes the process, the banner interferrence will have been gone.

4. Visit your dealer for help

If you have tried all the above and you still have the banner problem, then you should take your TV back to the retail store where you bought it from. Your TV is still brand-new and is still under warranty – so the dealer will be glad to help. The technician will remove the banner and get the TV back to home-viewing mode without collecting a dime. They understand what is happening and will be eager to help you fix your TV without any hassles.


The store or banner displaying mode is a necessary marketing strategy to attract potential customers to purchase the TV in the store – but it is not a technical problem with the TV. The mode advertises the TV and nothing more; but at purchase, it must be switched to the standard mode for home entertainment. You can do this by yourself using the techniques outlined above – assuming you do not have the remote control device – or by returning it to the dealer shop for necessary correction.

While it is easier to switch your TV to standard viewing mode with the remote controller, it is also possible to do the switching without the remote device. You can also reset the TV to default factory setting without the remote. But if you have not succeeded with any of the techniques stated above, simply contact your TV dealer shop or a skilled technician to help.