How to Reset Element TV without Remote

We rely on remote controllers to operate almost 99% of the functions on our TV sets. Apart from the ease and convenience of using the remote control to operate our TV from a distance, we rely largely on the control devices because almost 100% of the internal functions of the TV are domiciled on the remote control. That is why we feel anger and exasperation when our TV remote control gets lost or damaged.

The good news, however, is that you can still operate nearly 50% of the functions on your TV without the remote control – including resetting it. If you own an Element TV and desire to reset it without its remote control – it is possible, using the techniques to be outlined in this guide.

how to reset element tv without remote

So if you still want to know how to reset Element TV without remote, here is your guide on how to do it successfully.

When Do You Reset Your Element TV?

But let’s consider some instances that might prompt you to reset your TV first. Here are some of them:

  • Element TV freezes or lags
  • TV is not responding to the remote control
  • TV is not responding when in-built buttons are pressed
  • The TV is not starting up after you tried to power it up repeatedly
  • The applications on the TV crash frequently
  • TV displays a black screen that would not go away
  • You recently purchased the TV as a second-hand electronic appliance
  • You want to sell or give away a TV and need to clear personal data on it
  • You are not able to use the home screen because you forgot your password
  • The TV wouldn’t connect to Wi-Fi or other internet services
  • The TV is on but would not play video and audio content

The above are some of the reasons for wanting to reset your Element TV – with or without the remote control. Effectively restoring the TV to default factory settings will get it functioning smoothly again.

Why Reset Your Emerson TV without a Remote?

You may have to reset your Element TV without its original remote control device for several reasons. Some of these are:

  • The original remote control is lost or misplaced
  • The remote is damaged and couldn’t be fixed
  • The TV stopped responding to the remote

How to Reset an Element TV without Remote

1. Restart your Element TV

Restarting your Element TV is slightly different from resetting to factory setting; it achieves almost the same results, but with different consequences. When you restart your TV, configured preferences and other saved data are preserved; but when you reset it, all configurations get deleted.

Now, this is how to perform a restart: unplug the power cable of the TV from the power outlet while the TV is still on; wait for about 2 minutes before plugging back the power cable – the longer you can wait the better – and then have the TV powered on. The TV will automatically restart and reboot all services from scratch – repairing any technical glitches that warranted the restart operation.

2. Use the reset button at the back

There is a reset button at the back of your Element TV – on the left-hand side. It must be pointed out that the old Element TV model does not come with a reset button – only the newer models do. Use a pin or the point of a pen to press down the reset button in its little hole for about 20 seconds while the TV is still powered on.

After pressing the reset button for some seconds, the television screen will go black – keep on pressing the button until the logo of your TV model appears on the screen – you can then release the button. Your Element TV will automatically reset to the original factory setting as when it was newly purchased.

3. Download and pair a TV app

For this method, you must download an Element TV app to your smartphone. Pair the smartphone app with your TV and navigate the tabs to where you can reset your TV. Once you locate the TV model code in the app, enter it into the correct section and continue with the process as you watch your TV respond and initiate a factory reset action.

4. Obtain a universal remote

A universal remote device is made for almost all TV brands with their respective codes displayed in its manual or obtainable online. You can purchase a universal remote for cheap in your local electronics store or online on eBay and Amazon. Do not forget that you’re trying to reset your Element TV without its original remote device because it got lost or damaged, so an alternative remote use remains an option.

Follow the instructions to pair your TV with the remote to establish a connection – using the exact code provided for your Element TV model. You will find the indicator light on the remote changing and the TV responding once they are successfully paired. Go to Settings on your TV and follow the prompts to initiate a reset to the default factory settings – the entire process should be completed in about 15 minutes.

5. Use Google Assistant

You may not have known this, but you can control your Element TV using Google Assistant’s voice-activated technology. Once Google Assistant is downloaded and activated on your smartphone, link it with your TV to perform basic operations through voice commands.

You can speak into the software and the TV will respond by powering on, shutting down, restarting, and performing other functions, including resetting.

It must be noted that you may have to register an account on Google Assistant after it is downloaded and activated on your smartphone before you can connect it remotely with your TV.


So there you have it, you know now how to reset Element TV without a remote using various techniques that won’t cost you a dime – or much money if you like. Restarting or resetting your TV when the original remote control is lost or damaged is always a possibility if you’d apply the instructions laid out in this detailed guide.