How to Use LG DVD Player without Remote

Using your LG DVD player without a remote controller is not as difficult as you think. You may be unable to use your original remote control device because it is damaged or lost, but this does not make the LG DVD player useless. There are other ways you can operate your DVD machine with other remote control brands, through a computer, and via connection with a TV.

how to use lg dvd without remote

How to Use an LG DVD Player without Remote

In this guide, we will examine alternative methods for using your DVD player without the remote control:

1. Use the built-in controls on the player

Most DVD players come with button controls for basic functions on the machine. These built-in controls can be used to operate functions such as play, skip, forward, pause, stop, eject, power on, and power off.

You can also watch a DVD movie with these basic functions. The only problem however is that you frequently have to leave your sofa and walk up to the player to control it.

Your player does not have basic control buttons? Not to worry. Check out the next solutions.

2. Use an app on your smartphone

Your smartphone can function as a TV remote control and as a DVD controller with the appropriate Android or iPhone app installed on it. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to download the remote control for your LG DVD player model.

If you do not find your exact model, download a universal remote control app and then search out your DVD model from the available list. After connecting the app with your player, you can use it to control the remote operations of your DVD.

3. Convert DVD disc to digital file

If your LG DVD player does not come with manual controls and you’re not able to use a smartphone app, you can consider converting your DVD discs into digital files. This conversion process is known as ripping, and it must be done with your laptop or desktop computer.

When you rip DVD movies into your computer, you can watch them without the use of your conventional DVD player. You may use the ripper feature that comes with your computer or download WinX DVD Ripper or Leawo Blu-ray Player software to your computer for ripping purposes.

4. Stream from computer to TV

Another option for playing your DVD if everything fails is to play the DVD on your computer and then stream it to your TV. You have the option of using an HDMI cable or Airplay mirroring for this activity. With the HDMI option, connect your computer to your TV using the HDMI cable and then set the TV to receive an input signal from your computer.

With the DVD playing from your computer, you can watch directly from your TV. You can also stream your DVD content using an Airplay device to your TV with ease.

5. Use a universal remote control

If your original LG DVD remote controller is damaged or lost, you can use a universal remote control to operate the machine. A universal control device can work with most brands of DVD players, TVs, and even home theaters.

Set up your LG DVD player using the appropriate connection code with the universal remote control and you’re good to go. The codes for each electronic equipment can be found online or on the manual of the universal controller – enter the one for your DVD player to get it working for your LG machine.

6. Use a second-hand remote control

You can get a second-hand remote control for your LG DVD player online or in your local store. A second-hand controller is the exact copy of your player’s original controller and it will work perfectly to control your machine. You can get one online on eBay, Amazon, and other sites at cheap prices.

It is also possible to acquire alternative remote control brands that can work for your DVD player, although some buttons may be off when it comes to operating your machine. For instance, it is possible for most of the buttons on a Samsung DVD remote controller to work for an LG DVD player with only a few buttons not working on the appliance.

7. Control your DVD with your TV remote

You wouldn’t believe this is possible, but it is – using your TV remote control to operate your DVD player. If you are using one of the latest LG DVD player and TV models, you must connect your DVD machine to your TV using an HDMI cable. That done, go to the HDMI CEC tab in your TV’s setting and switch it on, your TV will indicate that it is connected with the DVD player. You can now begin to control your LG DVD player using your TV remote control.


It is obvious that some of the solutions to using your LG DVD player without remote control as revealed in this guide may cost you some small investment. But what does it matter, if it works perfectly for your entertainment needs! That is the price for using alternative techniques to operate your DVD machine where the original controller is not available.

But wait! Did you require alternative ways to operate your DVD machine because its remote control is faulty? Get a skilled electronics technician to examine the device if it can be fixed. He may only have to clean the inner components or replace a faulty unit to get it functional with your machine again. Try repairing the remote control device first before using other means to operate your LG DVD machine.

On the flip side, it must be advised that you keep your original LG DVD player remote control away from children. Spilling liquid substances on the device will damage; hitting it against a hard surface will destroy it; and misplacing it is equally bad – things that can always happen with children around the house. Let your children know that remote controls are not to be toyed with and always put them out of their reach until they are grown enough to use them responsibly.