How to Turn on Bose Cinemate without Remote Control

One of the things that make a home what it is – apart from furniture and fittings – is entertainment electronics. A high-end entertainment system such as the Bose Cinemate is one of the best electronics to have at home – with the Cinemate brand name translatable to – Cinema Mate. Having the Bose Cinemate home theater is like having a cinema mate at home, and it comes with a functional remote control device that makes operating it simple and convenient.

But what happens if you lose the remote controller or it gets broken and damaged? This raises the question of how to turn on Bose Cinemate without the remote control. This is largely because most Bose Cinemate models do not have power buttons on the appliances – the power buttons and other operational functions are domiciled on their remote controllers.

So how do you switch on or power off a Bone Cinemate system with no in-built power buttons if its original remote control is lost or damaged?

how to turn on bose cinemate without remote

How to turn on Bose Cinemate without remote control

You don’t have to be flustered if you lose or break your Bose Cinemate’s remote controller. You can still operate the entertainment machine without its original remote control. Here’s how:

1. Download the Bose Cinemate smartphone app

Download the Bose Cinemate smartphone app and use it to operate your home entertainment – from powering it on to switching it off among other functions. After pairing the app with your Bose entertainment system, you can control its power functions, volume, tone control, PSTN and VoIP dialers, and other parameters.

In case you want to automatically turn on or turn off the power of your Bose Cinemate using a smartphone app, you must activate the “Auto-wake” and “Power sync” features in the app. Apart from the fact that your entertainment system will power on or off at the set times, it can also be paired with your TV so that it powers on when your TV is on and powers off when your TV is off – automatically.

2. Connect a universal remote controller

Assuming that your original Bose Cinemate remote controller is bad or lost, you can pair a universal controller to the appliance and get it operational. The universal remote device comes with infrared or IR blaster which helps to connect to your Bose system, making it easier to switch it on and off. Be sure to also enter the correct codes for the Bose system into the universal remote to get it working perfectly.

If the universal remote is not controlling the volume, you may pair it with the Bose Music app to be able to control its volume and other entertainment functions. And you may also get a second-hand or used replacement remote control device on eBay or Amazon. You can program this easily with your Bose Cinemate to use it for all entertainment purposes.

3. Use the in-built power buttons

Not all Bose Cinemate models come with in-built power buttons – if yours do, then you can use it to switch it on and off. While the power buttons may be located on the appliance, all other functions may be found on its remote controller. So if the controller is lost or damaged, use the power buttons on the machine to switch it on and off.

4. Turn on your Bose with your TV controller

Your TV remote controller can operate your Bose Cinemate and other Bose soundbars or speakers. However, the TV remote should have the HDMI CEC feature where CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control. The CEC is a communication feature that allows your TV to be connected to other devices through the agency of the remote controller.

If you confirmed that your TV remote has the HDMI CEC capability, go ahead to connect your Bose Cinemate to the TV using the eARC or HDMI ARC port – before activating the HDMI CEC feature on yur TV. You can do this by using your remote to access the Settings menu on your TV and clicking on General and then External Device Manager to locate and activate the CEC.

One thing however you must note is that the HDMI CEC may be differently named on your TV, depending on its model. When done correctly, you can now turn on your Bose Cinemate speaker using your TV remote control.

5. The Bose Music app

The Bose Music app can be used to switch on/off the Bose Cinemate or any Bose soundbars with ease. Download and install the application to your smartphone. Then open the Settings tab in the app and press Power, then Power Sync, and then toggle the switch to the ON position.

Link the app correctly to your music appliance to begin to control the on/off functions of the Bose Cinemate. You can even connect the app with your TV or other applicable appliance and control them all from within the app.


Since you are not able to turn on/off your Bose Cinemate on account of a misplaced, stolen, or damaged remote controller, you can use the above techniques to control and operate your Bose soundbars and speakers. With the loss of the original remote control, you can also program your TV remote or remote device of another appliance to work with your soundbar/speaker.

In some cases, it might be necessary to update the software or firmware of your Bose Cinemate appliance to enable it to work perfectly with newly installed smartphone apps. You can do this by connecting your appliance to a computer via USB. Browse to the Bose updater page and search for the model of your Cinemate, install the Bose updater file, and run it. Open the file and click on Install All the Available Updates – once done, the firmware of your Bose Cinemate is now updated and ready to work perfectly with smartphone control apps.

If you encounter any problems along the way, troubleshoot to diagnose the problem and take appropriate steps to remedy it. But if you ever come to your wits’ end during the entire process, then you must hire a qualified home electronics expert to assist with how to turn on Bose Cinemate without a remote control.