How to Charge JBL Headphones without a Charger

If you lost your JBL headphones charger and you’re unable to get a replacement in a jiffy, you could still charge your JBL headphones and enjoy the best experience. 

All you need to do is get your hands on a USB charging cable and another power source. To charge the headphones simply follow the steps below.

how to charge jbl headphones without charger

How to Charge JBL Headphones without Charger – Using a USB Cable

To charge your headphones using a USB cable, you will need a power source, When you have one, you need to connect the end of the USB cable to your Bluetooth headphone and the other end to the power source. 

How to Charge a Bluetooth Headset without a Charger – Using a Laptop

Your laptop can act as a charging source for your headphones. You will need an extra USB to handle the laptop charging. Ensure that you use a cable that is compatible with the laptop and the headphones. 

JBL Headphones – Troubleshooting

Headphones Won’t Pair

If your headphones won’t pair, it could be due to a serious of issues. To fix this problem, 

Check the manual: Many headphones are designed to go into pairing mode automatically when you first use them. This makes it easier for most users can easily pair headphones the first time. However, using the headphones for the second time could pose a challenge. If your headphones aren’t appearing with a new device, you might need to check your manual for instructions on putting them in pairing mode. With your JBL headphones, you can easily hold down the power buttons to pair. 

Disconnect other devices: If you’ve already connected your JBL headphones to a device—like an iPad—they may not connect to your phone. Some JBL headphone models can connect to multiple devices at once, while others can’t. Turn off the Bluetooth settings of the originally paired device to get the headphone to connect to your preferred device. When disconnected the headphones will automatically go back into pairing mode.

Disconnect other headphones. The same way you need to disconnect other paired devices, you would also need to make sure your phone hasn’t connected to any other headphone or earbuds across the room. If you’ve ever used them before, they’ll automatically connect when turned on and within range. You might even clear out old Bluetooth devices from your phone’s memory—from the Bluetooth settings on iOS. To do this, tap the “i” next to a given device and tap Forget This Device. On Android, you will need to tap the Settings configuration next to a paired device and choose Unpair or Forget.

Recharge the battery: If your JBL headphones’ battery is low, you might not be able to pair—even though the Bluetooth headphones stay turned on when in the case. Try charging the JBL headphones before using them. 

Make sure both devices are compatible: If you’re using an older Bluetooth version, it might no likely pair with your JBL headphone. The same goes if your phone has the latest version and you’re using an older JBL headphone with an outdated Bluetooth version. Check the supported Bluetooth versions on both devices and ensure they’re compatible with one another.

Audio Distorts or Stutters

If you’re able to pair your headphones but the music sounds lower-quality than it should or it cuts in and out—it could be a problem with your wireless connection.

Check your source:  Before troubleshooting your Bluetooth, make sure that static coming from the source of your music. It could be that you’re listening to a low-bitrate MP3 from your Napster days, or maybe your streaming service has defaulted to a very-low-quality setting. You might want to check another pair of headphones to check if it is the Bluetooth’s fault. You should also make sure your Wi-Fi or cell signal is good. 

Re-pair the Headphones: This tip could help solve an audio problem. Unpair the JBL headphones, turn them off, reboot your phone, and pair again from scratch before continuing.

Bring the Headphones closer to your device: If you’re listening to music on an iPad that’s far off to the other room, you might be out or range. Most Bluetooth headphones can be apart by 33 feet to 100 feet, however, having obstructions in your path does shorten the distance. Try to get closer or remove the obstructions 

Disconnect Other Devices: This is not very common but it could also be the cause of your audio issues. If you have your JBL Bluetooth connected to other devices, the Bluetooth audio would be distorted. This is most common when the Bluetooth is connected to a smartwatch or other set of headphones that aren’t active. To check if this is the problem, you will have to disconnect the other devices or simply turn them off to see if the problem goes away. 

Update the Firmware: This is a very common solution to most problems that most people tend to overlook. You might want to check the JBL headphones to ensure that they’re properly updated. This could clear all your audio problems. 

Turn off any Audio Processing: Try turning off any extra features on the app or any extra features of your mobile device’s audio. Equalizers, noise canceling, and other processing could pose a problem and cause distortion or other issues. Getting rid of them should come first before troubleshooting. If you’re using a device with its own processing like Samsung’s Adapt Sound features, ensure you turn it off as well. 

Adjust your Bluetooth Audio Codec: This might sound like a complex step but it is actually the easiest. Go to your In the Bluetooth settings for your device. You need to tap the “i” or the settings cog next to your JBL headphones to check options are available to you. Some JBL headphone models do offer HD Audio or other similar codecs. You can switch them on and off to see if the audio improves.

Deselect hands-free mode in Windows: If you’re trying to connect to a PC, your headphones you could find two entries in Windows’ sound settings—one for stereo music, one for phone calls. Click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of your Windows taskbar, select the audio source, and make sure to select your headphones from the list.