How to Disable Viper Alarm without Remote

Sometimes, it can be very embarrassing to have your car alarm go off in public – most especially if you are not able to disable it quickly enough. A car alarm is good and a necessary security feature, but it becomes annoying if it goes off without reason and would not respond to disabling efforts in good time. This brings us to how to disable the Viper alarm without a remote.

Most cars in the United States and Canada are equipped with Viper car alarms – and it’s an aftermarket system that has enabled most car owners to be safe. The benefits that come with installing a Viper car alarm go beyond preventing car theft, you can also control your car’s lock, trunk, cabin temperature, and ignition via your smartphone if the Viper alarm system is integrated into your smartphone.

how to disable viper alarm without remote

Why does a car alarm go off?

Before revealing how to disable Viper alarm without a remote, let’s examine why your car alarm system goes off – apart from a theft attempt:

  • Incorrectly installed alarm system
  • Rusty battery points
  • Wrong connection to control panel
  • Misplaced and sensitive key fob
  • Damaged shock sensor
  • Corroded or clogged hood latch sensor
  • Low or dead car battery
  • Vandalism

Above are some of the factors that can trigger a car alarm, so let’s examine what to do to deactivate the alarm once it’s set off.

How to disable a Viper alarm without remote

1. Enter the valet mode

The valet mode overrides the car alarm buzz temporarily – it does not disable it permanently. The mode deactivates all the features of the car alarm – but it does not impact the keyless remote start feature of the vehicle. You can disable the alarm with this mode without the use of the car’s remote device.

Assuming that the car alarm is still wailing and attracting public attention, simply enter the car with your regular key. Insert the ignition key into the keyhole and switch it to “on” without necessarily starting the engine, then switch it back to off immediately. Quickly tap the valet switch once – without holding it – and the alarm will go off instantly. With the alarm off, the car’s engine will start normally and you can drive off.

But if the Viper car alarm does not switch off after tapping the valet switch once, then it means you must tap it twice – maybe that’s how it’s programmed. In this case, turn the ignition to off and then on again before tapping the valet switch twice. Sometimes you may have to tap the valet switch 3-5 times in case it’s programmed that way. And it is advised that you leave the car door open while doing it for it to work.

2. Second valet mode option

You may have to try this second valet mode option on newer versions of Viper car alarm systems. With the driver’s door open, press the lock button, and then the unlock button, and then the lock button again on the valet switch. If done correctly, the LED indicators will light up to show that the car is in valet mode – and this will turn off the buzzing alarm. Repeat the process again if you want to exit the valet mode.

In case you do not know where to locate the valet switch in your car, it is usually located at the side dashboard or under the dashboard to your right, and sometimes it can be located on the windshield. A local dealer or installer can show it to you – it is a small, black switch that can be turned on and off.

3. Remove the car’s battery

This seems obvious, but many people in their panic to switch off the blaring alarm will not think of it. Removing one of the contact points on your battery will disable the Viper car alarm instantly – but this is usually a temporary solution because the alarm may resume if you restore the disconnected battery point.

However, you can utilize this quick fix to stop people from staring until you are able to find a permanent deactivation that works. Once the negative or positive contact point on the battery is disconnected, the alarm will stop.

4. Deactivate the key fob or immobilizer

If your Viper car alarm system goes off in a parking lot and you do not have the remote control to put it, simply deactivating the key fob or immobilizer will do the trick. Your alarm goes off because it is still able to communicate with the fob, but once it is deactivated and they are no longer able to communicate via radio frequency (RF), the car alarm will not work and you will have your peace.

5. Bypass Viper alarm system

If the Viper alarm system is bypassed, it will cease to function – maybe permanently until you restore it again. One major way to bypass the alarm is by using a computer that has administrator priviledges. The administrator will be able to access the network controlling the alarm and disable it using special access keys that only they have.

You can also disable the car alarm by inputting a password that is not currently in use on the Viper system. Interestingly, you can equally disable the Viper alarm by opening the car’s door and windows.

Car alarms work efficiently when the doors and windows are locked; but open them, and they work less efficiently and may even stop working. And again, disabling the transmitter or entering the required code will cut off the alarm buzz – although this may only be done by a skilled technician.


That is how to disable Viper alarm without remote. Any of the techniques outlined in this guide would work for you – and if one doesn’t, try the other until you get the one that works. If nothing works at all, simply remove the contact points on the battery – and the alarm will stop – until you are able to get a technician to help. However, you mustn’t forget that the alarm is a security system to prevent your car from vandalism and theft, so it is best to disable it temporarily and not permanently.