How to Charge a Nikon Camera Battery without Charger

How to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger might sound like something you won’t have to worry about until an emergency comes up. As it is there are actually several ways for you to do so and still enjoy the same impressive battery life.

how to charge nikon camera battery without charger

How to Charge a Nikon Camera Battery without Charger: 5 Proven Methods 

In this guide, we will take about the other ways you can charge your Nikon Camera without the charger

1. Charging Nikon Camera With Mobile Charger

The Nikon camera, particularly the D series, features a Li-ion battery, that is accompanied by an Mh-25 charger which will provide the appropriate load. If you don’t have the mobile charger handy, you can easily replace it with a charger with an output voltage of 8.4 and a current of 0.9.

2. Charging Nikon Camera With USB Cable

With a USB cable, a Small battery control converter, and a computer, you can charge the Nikon battery without the charger. To make this work; 

  • Start by placing the battery pack securely in its Chambers by clicking the battery lock in the arrow position. 
  • Check and confirm that the battery pack’s terminals are securely fastened. 
  • Make sure that the Nikon Camera is turned off, as the battery may not charge while the camera is turned on.
  • After that, you need to connect your USB cable to your camera. You will find a protective cover that hides the cord connections to your camera. Open the cover and connect the USB cable that came with the camera to the cord connection point on the camera.
  • Then connect the large part of the USB cable to the computer’s power adapter or USB cord. As a result, the camera now has a portable power supply. 
  • The light indicator will tell you when the camera is fully charged. This way, you can use a USB cable to charge the Nikon camera more quickly.

3. Charging Nikon Camera While Using Another Battery To Charge

This might be a complicated charging method, but it could come in handy if you have no other option. To use this method: 

  • Remove the camera and look for additional gadgets that need AA, +AA, AAA, or 9-volt batteries. 
  • You should check the battery’s description for positive or negative connectors, then take only the ones that are compatible with your Nikon Camera and have adequate power to charge it.
  • You will have to get a high-quality double metal cable. You can get this online or from a local electrical store. 
  • With that, connect both batteries for a short time using the cords. This should get the battery charging correctly.

4. Charging Nikon Camera With The Car Battery

Obviously, you need a car battery to make this work. All you need to charge your Nikon battery is at least half an amp to charge it. 

Most car batteries are rated 14-volt. This should be enough to power your camera up to 50 percent, giving you enough time to make use of it and get back to the original charger. 

To use this method, you will need to purchase at least four 5-volt lights to be installed in symmetry lines to allow power to flow through them.

This charging method is very risky. Ensure you’re always watching your Nikon camera when charging it using this method. Also, avoid overcharging your camera batteries by leaving them on charge for too long.

5. Charging a Canon Camera Battery with a Power Bank

One of the easiest ways to charge a Nikon camera battery without the charger is by using a power bank.

You might already have a power bank, however, you need to confirm that it would be to charge your camera. To charge your Canon camera with a power bank, you’ll need the USB-C Power Delivery feature. Though this is not entirely necessary, it does come in handy. 

With the right power bank, you need to check to confirm your power bank has enough power to charge your camera. You will have to check your battery specifications to know just how much power you will need to charge the battery. 

To do this, 

  • Take out the rechargeable battery from the camera
  • Look for the ratings and specifications that signify how many mAh (milliamperes) of energy your battery draws. This tells you the type of power bank needed to charge the battery. 
  • For example, if Nikon battery requires 1000mAh. You will have to buy a power bank that puts out 10,000 mAh to easily charge your Canon camera battery. 
  • With the power bank in place, follow the steps below to charge the battery
  • Install your camera battery in your camera.
  • Turn the camera off to allow the battery charge. In most cases, the battery may not charge while the camera is turned on.
  • After that, connect your USB cable to your camera. You will find a protective cover that hides the cord connections to your camera. Open the cover and connect the power cord that came with the camera to the cord connection point on the camera.

Connect the other USB end to the power bank

Depending on your Nikon camera model, you may be able to observe the LCD window on the top part that shows a battery icon. On the display, you can know how much of the battery needs to be charged.

Check the back of the camera, you should find a light on the lower right-hand side. In most cameras, this will blink red if the battery is low and turn solid green to show the battery is charging.

Charging the battery usually usually takes a couple of hours. Wait a while and once the battery is charged, the green light will go out, and the battery icon on the top of the camera will show it is charged to full capacity.

Ensure to double-check your power requirements and all settings to prevent charging problems when you eventually get your charger. 

Note: While this method does help, charging your Nikon camera with a power bank should not be a long term solution to your charging problems. This should only be used during emergencies. 

Always your camera specs to ensure you’re using the right power bank so as to reduce any risk of charging problems maintain your battery life.