How to Program Garage Remote without Learn Button

Anyone can program their garage door opener using the right skills, tools, and patience. In today’s world of sophisticated technology, you can open your garage doors using your smartphone and from inside your car. You can also switch on electricity lights using the same means.

But what happens if the remote control for your garage door, entrance gate, and electricity switch gets lost, stolen, or damaged? The problem of getting locked out of your house necessitates the need to understand how to program the garage remote without the “learn” button.

how to program garage remote without learn button

The convenience and enhanced security that comes with operating your garage door remotely underscore the importance of programming your garage remote control when the unexpected happens to your remote keys. So, for starters, what is a learn button?

What is the “learn” button?

Before going on to reveal how to program your garage remote without the learn button, let’s first understand what the “learn button” is. More prominent with the LiftMaster garage door, the learn button is a device that enables you to reprogram new and old garage door remotes. The learn button enables you to delete the connection between garage doors and remotes – so you can re-establish newer connections that are safer and more secure.

If you lose your old remote and need to link a new one to your garage door, you will require the learn button to be able to do it. It might also be necessary to reprogram new remotes after recalibrating your home security system or switching the batteries in your smoke detector. Moving into a new home should also require erasing the memory of the garage opener so the former occupants can’t enter the house again.

When you frequently erase your garage door remote’s memory and then reprogram it with the learn button, you improve the security of your home and property.

How to Program Garage Remote without the “Learn” Button

Having explained what the learn button is, let’s proceed to programming the garage gate that does not have a learn button.

1. Examine the main unit or controller

The main unit or controller of your garage door looks like a keypad when it does not have a learn button – but you can use the 3-4 buttons on the keypad to program it. The keypad can be mounted in a car for easy access and garage door operation; and depending on its model and that of your car, the keypad may come with LED light indicators.

2. Analyze the control panel

Create a pattern of numbered buttons for the control panel and place it in your home or on your garage wall. You must understand how the control panel works by analyzing its buttons and light indicators to know how they function. You must set up a new access code comprising four codes or passwords on the keypad to effectively remove the former parameters set on the device.

You may have to consult the control panel’s manual or go online if there is anything you do not understand before you proceed.

3. Initiate a system reset

Access the “teach” or “program” button of the control panel at the top of the keypad. Press down the program button and the arrow key to start a system reset or programming – pressing them simultaneously for up to 10 seconds will switch off the control panel. If done correctly, any previous settings or configurations on the panel will clear off and the system will be open to receive new settings.

4. Restore default settings

To restore the default settings, press down the teach or program button and then press numbers 3, 5, and 7 in that order. The LED indicator on the keypad will light up and flash intermittently after inputting the code.

Now, press 3, 5, 7, and the Enter button to confirm your settings. Using the arrow buttons, you can verify if the garage gate opens or responds in any significant way – provided that the keypad is mounted on the wall.

But if the keypad is mounted in your car, you can check the distance between the car and the garage gate to be sure it is working perfectly. Just a little distance away from the garage gate, enter the codes in the keypad to see if they work – then drive the car towards the garage to see if it opens and how fast it opens before you reach it.

5. Enter your new codes

You can use the default codes of your control panel to open your garage gates after the above procedures, but it may be better to configure new codes. If you don’t know the default codes for your type or brand of garage gates, you can check online to obtain them.

Please note that programming your control panel in your car this way may render the remote control redundant. What if you want to program the remote controller too?

6. Program the controller

To set the remote control, press down the side buttons of the control panel simultaneously for about 10-20 seconds to reset the device. During this time, the LED indicator will show flash red – as soon as it starts flashing, release the side buttons.

Choose the buttons you want to configure on the remote control while pressing the change button on the panel unit until the LED light flashes again. When the flash activity becomes more intense, let go of the buttons and you will observe that the LED light is gone; if you click the control button again the indicator will show red until you let go of it.

7. Confirm the progress you have made

The LED indicator on the control panel may flash instead of lighting up when the button on the panel is pressed sometimes – to confirm that the programming is not yet completed. Press the button indicating “learn,” “program,” or “smart” on the control panel and then go inside your car.

Try the codes you inputted into the keypad in your car, and then push the sensor button very briefly to confirm if your garage door opens or closes. If it does not respond, return to the control panel and press the learn button again and repeat the process until there is a response in your garage.

8. Use the remote control as desired

You may not require the use of your remote control to operate your garage doors after setting up the controls in your car. But it is still advisable you keep your remote handy in case you ever need it. You may keep it in the compartments of your vehicle or at home for safety. And it is recommended you keep the batteries separate to prevent leakage.

So there you have it: how to program garage remote without “learn” button.