Maytag Washer Settings for Best Performance

For many years, the Maytag Washer has been the ideal Washer for homes and businesses. When it comes down to it, this device boasts options of incredible features. On top of that, any user can tweak some settings to enhance these features.

Do you own a Maytag Washer? Would you like to improve its performance? If yes, then you have to choose a setting that suits the washed fabric.

maytag washer settings

In this post, we will be listing the various types of Maytag settings that can help with its performance. So if you are ready, let’s get started and discover the best settings for this task.

Maytag Washer Settings for Best Performance

Here are some of the ideal settings for using the Maytag washer. But as you use these ideas, we suggest that you check the owner’s manual of the Maytag washer. You can also get more info about the settings from Maytag Customer Service.

Whites: Asides from washing white garments, you can use this setting to wash t-shirts, denim or even bulkier items like towels. If you select the white setting, you can get between 27 mins ( heavy mode) and 9 ( light mode).

Colors: If you don’t know the right settings for colored items, try the Color mode on the Maytag Washer. After all, this mode boasts of features that can prevent fading and wrinkling. To get the best results, use the mode with a warm water setting.

Handwash: You can use the Handwash setting to deal with soils on weaker garments like lingerie. With this mode, the Maytag washer provides a wash time of 6 minutes.

Delicates: The Delicate setting is designed for washing fragile garments such as sheer blouses or even dress shirts. As you use this setting, it will offer 18 mins of wash and soak.

Super Wash: If you have any heavily stained fabric, use Super Wash setting with any of the wash cycles ( whites, delicates, e.t.c). As expected, this setting has the ideal features for taking out such soils.

Extra Rinse: Are you thinking about the best way to remove excess soap or lingering scents on your fabric? If yes, choose your preferred cycle and select the Extra Rinse function.

Gentle Wash: By selecting the Gentle Wash option, it is possible to add a gentle spin with any wash cycle. However, this setting works perfectly with the Delicate wash cycle.

Bulky Cycle: You can choose this setting for washing heavy items like comforters, pillows or even coats. As you place heavy items inside the washer, spread them evenly in the drum for maximum effect.

Power Wash Cycle: If you have a huge load of laundry complete with stubborn stains, then you should select the Power Wash Cycle. To remove soils, the device depends on heated water.

Why Does the Maytag Washer Take So Long?

There are many reasons why the Maytag Washer might be slower than expected. For instance, the machine can have issues with the control panel. Sometimes a bad inlet valve or load sensing system might be the cause of the problem.

What Does it mean When my Maytag Washer Says Clean with Affresh

If your Maytag Washer has a Clean with Afresh symbol, it means that you can use affresh washer tablets to clean it. To prevent the buildup of laundry product residue, perform this task once a month.

How Do I Reset My Maytag Washer?

Since there is no Reset button on the Maytag Washer, you have to reset it in other ways. Now here is an easy way to perform the reset on the washing machine:

  1. Remove the plug of the Maytag washer from the power source.
  2. Wait for three minutes
  3. Insert the plug back into the power source.

What is the Custom Cycle on the Maytag Washer?

The Custom Cycle allows you to automatically set the time at which a cycle should start. Supposing you want to use this option, you will have to use the Maytag app.

What Does PowerWash Mean on Maytag Washer?

The PowerWash cycle is designed to deal with heavy loads of laundry. For the perfect wash, this cycle uses hot water to remove dirt and odors.

How Do I Get My Maytag Washer to Add More Water?

It is possible to add more water to the Maytag especially when the machine is still active. You can achieve this goal by setting the machine to Auto Sensing which helps get the right water level for your load. But if you feel like using more water for the laundry, you can move the knob to the Deep Water Wash Setting.

How Do I Get My Maytag Washer to Dry and Spin?

Anyone can use the Dry and Spin setting on the Maytag Washer. All you have to do is turn the knob to the Drain and Spin Setting.

How Long is the Maytag Quick Wash Cycle?

On the Maytag washers, the Quick Wash Cycle runs between 15 – 40 minutes. However, the exact wash time depends on the particular model.

How to use Maytag Top load washer

Here are the correct steps for using a Maytag Top Loader:

  • Arrange the laundry and place them in the washer
  • Pour the detergent and other laundry products into the dispenser
  • Switch on the washer
  • Choose your preferred setting and extra options
  • Use the Start Button to start the wash time

Maytag Washer Temperature Settings

Asides from setting the Maytag wash cycles, you can also tweak the temperature of the water used. Before changing the temperature, check the label of the fabric to confirm if it can handle that particular temperature. Now here are the various washer temperature settings of Maytag washers.

Hot: The Hot setting includes temperatures between 101°F – 115°F. With this setting, you can deal with heavy soils on various fabrics. On top of that, these settings work well with white garments.

Warm: The Warm setting works well with linen, and sheets. As it washes these items, this setting provides water at 80°F -85°F.

Cool: The Cool Mode leaves the water between 65°F – 75°F. Because of this temperature, it is ideal for colored or darker fabrics.

Cold:  Perfect for bright colored articles, this setting keeps water at 55°F – 64°F.

Tap cold: Ideal for lifting dirt from most fabrics. As expected, it offers lower temperatures than other modes.